Catamount Tactical LLC
An Expeditionary Consultancy
Operational Services   

Ferry Flight and Aircraft Delivery Services (CONUS)    
         Single pilot VFR ferry of helicopters anywhere in CONUS. 

      Platform Instruction (CONUS and OCONUS)
           Platform instruction on Night Vission Goggles (NVG), aircraft armament, Aircraft Qualification Training
         (AQC), Basic-advance navigation training, environmental training (desert, mountain, over-water, urban),
         advanced aerial gunnery and close air support (CAS), SERE and downed-aircrew scenarios. 
Independent Contracts
Deploy as independent contractor to hostile fire zones.
Field Testing
Equipment testing of both aerial systems and ground equipment.  STC applies for aviation equipment testing.     
Pre-Deployment Site Survey (PDSS) of CONUS and international locations tailored to answer your specific Requests For Information (RFI).

Role Player
USG and cleared affiliates only.  SERE projects.  
Special Projects
Contact me for details

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