Catamount Tactical LLC
An Expeditionary Consultancy
Military Flight Instruction
Foreign and US domestic aircraft, conversion, basic and advanced skills, environmental training.
NVG Navigation Training 
Basic qualification through advanced tactical flight instruction, world-wide.
Aerial Gunnery
AH-1F, AH-6, MD530, Bell 407 variants, AS 555 Fennec, 407 MRH, MI-8/17 

ISR Training
Fixed and rotory-wing air-ground integration and TTPs.
Foreign Aircraft 
MI-17, MI-24/35, AS-Fennec 55o C3
CT Driving, Pistol/Carbine, Advanced Land Navigation 
Supplement existing training programs at the state and federal level as an independent contractor.   
Organizational Leadership Training  
Supplement existing program or build one tailored to your organization.  

Aircrew Training Program (ATP)
Completely develop a new program or audit and review an existing training structure.
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